Get in the garden

Easter this year has bestowed some lovely weather upon us. The birds are singing, buds are coming on the trees and the fences and decks are drying out for attention.

Now is the time to check your fence posts. If you have heavy and often waterlogged soil, then timber posts may only last 5 years before they start to rot. With a post hole digger you can often dig down If alongside an old rotten post and insert a new section to support the good above ground timber.  Use through bolt to connect the upright. This can be a cost effective way of giving your fence a new lease of life . Remember to use treated timber and  wrap the end with some damp proof membrane to prevent excessive moisture ingress .  When setting a post in the ground there are several proprietary brands of quick setting cement/aggregate mix available. Usually they contain water proofing additives which can also how to extend the life of the post below ground.

If your fence is too rotten , we can always put up a new one for you!
Or even a Pergola!


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